About Dr. Woodworth

General Surgeons & Foregut Surgeon serving Lone Tree, CO

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About Dr. Woodworth

Philip Woodworth, MD, is a highly skilled physician serving patients at the Institute of Esophageal and Reflux Surgery in Lone Tree, Colorado, a part of SOFI Research, LLC.

Dr. Woodworth grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, graduating from Chaminade College Preparatory. He went to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, where he was a member of the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (Army ROTC). 

He graduated with honors from the Vanderbilt School of Arts and Sciences with a double major in chemistry and molecular biology. After graduation, Dr. Woodworth was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the United States Army Medical Service Corps. He deferred his active military service to attend the St. Louis University School of Medicine. A general surgery residency followed at the University of Kansas School of Medicine in Witchita, Kansas.

Dr. Woodworth was then transferred to the Army Medical Corps and deployed to Seoul, South Korea. He was assigned to the 127th Forward Surgical Team and worked as a surgeon at the 121st General Hospital on Yongsan Army Base in Seoul, South Korea.

After being honorably discharged with the rank of Major from the Army, Dr. Woodworth returned to the US and joined Mercy Medical Clinics, a multispecialty group in Northwest Arkansas. Dr. Woodworth served as a general surgeon in this booming town anchored by the world headquarters of Walmart Inc., Tyson Foods Inc., and J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc.

During his career, Dr. Woodworth has partnered with the medical industry to facilitate the development, application, and advocation of medical technologies and procedures. He is comfortable being at the forefront of providing the most up-to-date medical care available.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Dr. Woodworth has adapted to overcome the hardships facing patients and continues to work on their behalf with new virtual technologies.