Recurrent Reflux Or Hernia After Surgery

Reoperation for Reflux or Hernia Denver

In certain cases, it is necessary to perform reoperation for reflux or hernia for Denver patients. Although every patient hopes for a problem-free and durable result from GERD surgery, this does not always come to fruition. In these instances, reoperation for acid reflux or hiatal hernia can sometimes be very helpful.

We see many patients who have had prior surgery for gastroesophageal reflux disease, hiatal hernia, swallowing problems, etc., and find that they have ongoing troublesome symptoms. Sometimes the cause of these symptoms is fairly straightforward to diagnose and treat, but it can be a complex issue.

Sometimes reoperation is necessary. It is beyond the scope of a web page to describe what these operations may entail – as it may range from an endoscopic treatment to laparoscopic surgery to open surgery. The recovery for each surgery varies, and recovery steps will be discussed in depth during your consultation.

Our Unique Approach

We are referred patients from all over the country for reoperation. We see about 50 patients per year with problems after previous reflux or hiatal hernia surgery that are troublesome enough to come see a surgeon. Roughly half of these patients can be managed without surgery, or they have another diagnosis. The other half require something operatively.

We approach each of our patients individually, listen to what the issues are, and perform a thorough evaluation prior to making recommendations. Unlike many other centers, we perform diagnostic testing, make recommendations, reoperate if needed, and do our best to follow our patients long-term to determine the relative success of these interventions.

Additionally, because of our expertise in laparoscopic surgery for GERD, we frequently offer patients a laparoscopic approach if surgery is determined to be the best option.

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To learn more regarding reoperation for reflux or hernia in Denver, contact the Institute of Esophageal and Reflux Surgery today. We will be available to answer your questions and recommend the right course of action for you.